Mental ray adaptive sampling

reflection pass, good to review

If you want to do just a reflection pass a. create a blinn b. change the color to black c. set Eccentricity to 0 d. set Specular Roll off to 1 e. set Specular color to white f. set Reflectivity to 1 Then add the blinn to the reflective object in a seperate layer. Make sure you have the primary visibility turned off off all the other objects so they dont render and just your reflective object renders. In After Effects or Photoshop or whatever program you composite with you can set the reflective layers blend mode to screen and then control its opacity to get the amount of reflections you want

maya is a stupid cow when it comes to References files and render shader/layers......fuck!

about water shader

reduced rendering time how normap map/ specular map works Nvidia plugin to produce normal map rocket science behind the shit

Renaming multiple objects in maya+Mel resources

good mel script site in case he delete it one day /////////////////////////////////////////////// // Copyright (C) 2008 Rod Green // All rights reserved. // // Website: // ---------- Global variables global string $pointerObjString = "objectPointerMessage"; // ---------- Utility procedures global proc string padInt(int $inputInt, int $length) { if($length < 1) return ""; string $returnString = $inputInt; for($i = size($returnString); $i < $length; $i++) $returnString = ("0" + $returnString); return $returnString; } global proc string[] getSelection() { return (ls("-selection", "-long", "-flatten")); } global proc string renameLong(string $object, string $newName) { return longNameOf(rename($object, $newName)); } global proc string newTransform(string $name) { string $transformObj = createNode("-skipSelect", "-nam

MentalRay shader resources: for maya old version(2008,2009)